The Cultural Transports Collective initiated and hosted the participatory public art performance experience of ride-on-dinners in Melbourne from 2006 to 2011.

We undertook ride-on-dinners as an act of aesthetic hospitality in collaboration with a partner who shares interests in the arts, transport, food or sustainability. Each ride-on-dinner responds to the unique opportunities presented by regional area, available riding routes, particular urban locations and the seasonal local food. Rides included working with a Sculpture Triennial, the Craft Victoria gallery, the Architecture & Philosophy group, ‘Transported’ conference with Architects for Peace, and a Pedal Powered Vehicle Workshop with RMIT University.

The Cultural Transports Collective is a Melbourne-based arts group exploring relations between transportation, food and cultural change. The collective includes Kate Archdeacon, Mick Douglas, Rob Eales, Anthony Hamilton Smith, Ceri Hann, Neal Haslem, Ben Landau, Lynda Roberts - amongst miscellaneous peddlers including artists, chefs, transport industry workers, performers, children, academics, good-for-nothings and you.

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